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Over 56 million new Australian & New Zealand records

24 million passenger list records available to Australia/New Zealand subscription holders

New World Collection brings the total records to over 1.5 billion

PayAsYouGo credits for added flexibility is has just launched 56 million new records covering Australia and New Zealand. Members can now also access ship passenger list records as part of their Australia/New Zealand subscription. This brings the total to over 135 million records for people searching their Australian and New Zealand family history.

Many of the records just released are invaluable resources to those researching their family history. We have published electoral rolls for Australia and New Zealand which are an alternative to census records, providing important information about ancestors. Many other significant records have also been released such as Birth, Death & Marriage records for South Australia, police and government gazettes, directories and even unique records such as numerous runs of Radio Call.

Vicki Dawson, General Manager of commented: “This is just the start of many new and exciting developments in the future for We are committed to delivering a great service and continually adding new records to the site. It’s all about enhancing the experience for our members and making the family history search even more rewarding.”

This follows the recent launch of the new World Collection which gives members access to over 1.5 billion records from Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the United States. The British Collection includes England, Wales and Scotland census records from 1841 to 1911, the most comprehensive online index of birth, marriage and death records in England and Wales as well as many more invaluable records.

The Irish Collection contains the Irish Prison Registers 1790-1924, Griffiths Land Valuation 1847-1864 and many more great records. The United States Collection includes all US censuses 1790-1930, World War I Draft Cards and the 1940 states will be added as they become indexed.

The collection of records on is continually growing.  Coming soon are millions of new records for Australia and New Zealand, and many more international records. The British Newspaper Collection will be available in the near future giving members’ access to over five million British newspapers and growing each day. offers a PayAs YouGo credit option for new members wanting to trial the website. This unique way to view records offers more flexibility for members. There are also new subscription options available.

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