Over 3.4 million new records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Rutland baptisms

Rutland baptisms contains over 140,000 records spanning the years 1538 to 1916. The records cover 50 parishes throughout the English county and will allow you to discover your ancestor's baptism date, baptism place, parents' names, and parish.

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Rutland banns

There are over 24,600 banns records covering the county of Rutland in this collection. The records span from 1653 to the 1931, cover 49 parishes and will allow you to see if your ancestor was married via the ancient legal tradition of Banns. Banns are the public announcement in a Christian parish church or in the town council of an impending marriage between two specified persons.

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Rutland marriages

There are over 59,100 marriage records covering the county of Rutland in this collection. The records span from 1538 to 1931, cover 50 parishes and will allow you to discover when your ancestor was married, where they were married, their residence, father's name and include corresponding details for their spouse.

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Rutland burials

Were your relatives laid to rest Rutland parish? Search over 103,000 burial records spanning over 400 years from 1538 to the 1991 and covering 50 parishes across the county. These records will reveal when your ancestor died, where they were buried and when they were buried.

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Rutland Parish Records Browse

Browse over 460 volumes of Rutland baptism, banns, marriage and burial registers in their entirety.

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Leicestershire baptisms

Containing over 37,000 records, Leicestershire baptisms spans the years 1538 to 1916 and covers more than 300 parishes within the English Midlands country. Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original document

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Leicestershire banns

Spanning from 1670 to 1940, Leicestershire banns covers more than 380 parishes. The collection contains over 319,000 records that will reveal who your ancestor intended to marry as well as where and when their banns were read.

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Leicestershire marriages

Leicestershire marriages contains over 672,000 records from 1537 to 1931 and covers more 300 Leicestershire parishes. Search these records to discover when your ancestors were married, where they were married, their residences, professions, parent's names and who they had as witnesses.

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Leicestershire burials

There are over 790,000 burial records originating from the ancient county of Leicestershire in this collection. The records span over 400 years from 1538 to the 1991 and cover 279 parishes. These records will allow you discover when your ancestor died, their age at death, place of burial, date of burial and parent's names.

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Leicestershire Parish Records 1538-1915 Browse

Browse over 3,000 volumes of Leicestershire baptism, banns, marriage and burial registers in their entirety.

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Leicestershire Marriage Licences, 1604-1891

Were your ancestors married by licence in Leicestershire between 1604 and 1891? Search over 22,000 marriage licenses to discover names, dates, and places relating to their marriage. Licences could be obtained for a fee if a couple wished to waive the customary reading of the banns. There are several reasons why a couple might want to do so, such as the need to expedite the wedding date.

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Leicestershire Marriage Licences, 1604-1891 Browse

Browse 75 volumes of Marriage licence records in their entirety to discover the intended couples' names, birth years, residences, home parish, denomination and the date the licence was issued.

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Leicestershire wills and probate records 1490-1941

Search over 173,000 wills and probate records from Leicestershire to shed light on your ancestor's wealth, uncover the names of numerous family members and learn the date of your ancestor's death. These records will allow you to uncover detailed inventories of your ancestor's earthly possessions, read full copies of their original will and learn the value of their estate. Wills can also provide rare insights into your ancestor's relationships.

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Leicestershire wills and probate records 1490-1941 Browse

Browse through more than 970 volumes of Leicestershire administrations, inventories, probate act and probate registry records organised by year range and type.

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Leicestershire electoral registers 1836-1974 Browse

Browse through 134 years Leicestershire electoral registers in their entirety. You can search by year, season, place, or by all three fields at once. Every year electoral registers are created to maintain a list of eligible voters. If your ancestor was eligible to vote, he or she can be found in the registers. Voting was closely linked to ownership of property until 1918 when all men over the age of 21 and women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote. For this reason, registers before 1918 will include an explanation of how the person qualifies to vote. Electoral registers are also a fantastic way of exploring the history of your home and learning more about its previous owners.

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