Over 205 million new records and newspaper articles are available to search this Findmypast Friday including;

British Newspapers

Over 204 million new articles and 8 new titles have been added to our collection of historic British newspapers. The new additions include the Northern Daily Telegraph, Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, Britannia and Eve, The Sketch, The Sphere, Evening Star, Shipley Times and Express and the Southern Echo.

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Worcestershire Probate Index 1660-1858

The Worcestershire Probate Index 1660-1858 contains over 51,000 records taken from four varieties of probate documents that will allow you to uncover details surrounding your Worcestershire ancestor's last will and testament. Each record includes a transcript that will reveal when they died, their occupation and how their estate was handled.

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Buckinghamshire Marriages

Buckinghamshire Marriages contains over 49,000 records that will allow you to discover when, where and to whom your ancestor was married. The collection consists of transcripts covering 26 parishes within the English county of Buckinghamshire.

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New Zealand Officiating Ministers 1882

Was your ancestor an officiating minister in New Zealand in 1882? Find out with an index containing over 600 records and covering 13 religious denominations. Each record includes a transcript that will reveal their official title and the church they served.

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New Zealand Waikaraka Cemetery Memorial 1902-1940

Find out if you have military is memorialised in Auckland's Waikaraka Cemetery with a memorial commemorating over 100 veterans who fought for the Empire and who died at the Auckland Veterans' Home between 1902 and 1940. Each record includes a transcript that will list their birth year, death year, age at death and force or regiment.

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New Zealand Civil Service Examinations 1906-1907

Did your ancestor take the Civil Service examination in New Zealand? Explore this collection of more than 700 records and uncover the details of those who sat for the annual examinations for admission to, or promotion in, the Civil Service in mid-December 1906 and mid-January 1907.

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