Over 311,000 new records are available to search this Findmypast Friday, including;

Ireland, Petty Sessions Court Registers

Over 227,700 new records have been added to complete our collection of Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers. Petty Sessions handled the bulk of lesser criminal and civil legal proceedings in Ireland. Now the largest collection of Irish court & prison records available anywhere online, there over 22.8 million records in the collection. They include details of victims, witnesses and the accused, such as address, date in court, details of the offence, details of the verdict and the sentence.

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Covering both civil and criminal cases, the Petty Sessions' brief was wide. Cases ranged from merchants who had not paid duty on their goods, to workers suing for unpaid wages. Farmers were fined for letting their cattle wander or for allowing their cart to be driven without their name painted on the side. Debts were collected and disputes settled. Public drunkenness was a common offence, as was assault and general rowdiness. Political feelings were often volatile and there are frequent cases all over the country of people charged with putting up seditious posters or leaflets.

Dorset Memorial Inscriptions

Over 40,000 records have been added to our collection of Dorset Memorial Inscriptions. The collection contains details of inscriptions found on gravestones, tombs, monuments and even stained glass windows across 266 parishes within English county.

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Each record includes a transcript of the original source material. The information contained varies considerably and depends on a number of factors including weathering and the type of memorial but most will include a combination of your ancestors' birth year, death year, burial date & location, relative's name, memorial type and notes on the inscription.

Warwickshire Burials

Over 175,000 new records have been added to our collection of Warwickshire Burials. The entire collection now contains more 1 million records and includes monumental inscriptions from Clifton Road Cemetery in Rugby.

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Each record includes a transcript of the original burial registry or details from the monumental inscription. Each record will vary depending on its source, but most will include your ancestor's name, age, birth year, death date, burial year, burial location and the name of the officiating minister. A number of records will also include their parent's names and residence. Inscriptions will reveal the information recorded on the individual's grave stone. Grave stones usually record the name of the individual's spouse, children and/or parents. Also, some grave sites may have more than one person buried in the same plot.

Northumberland & Durham Monumental Inscriptions

Over 16,000 records have been added to our collection of Northumberland & Durham Monumental Inscriptions. These are a fantastic addition to your family history research and include the full descriptions found on your ancestor's burial monumental which will often include additional family names and dates.

Search Northumberland & Durham Monumental Inscriptions

Each record includes a transcript of the original source material. The amount of information in each may vary because of the age and legibility of the monuments, but most of the records will include your ancestor's birth date, burial year, burial place, death date, denomination, inscription and the type of stone type used for their monument.

Ireland, Society Of Friends (Quaker) Congregational Records

Learn about your Quaker ancestor's role within their local community with an additional 5,000 congregational records. Uncover details of the meetings they attended and the activities they engaged in.

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These records, dating back to the mid-1600s, comprise minutes from half-yearly Quaker meetings. As well as a transcript, each entry includes an image of the original handwritten record. The information included will vary, but most will include name, congregation date, address, meeting, archive and reference.