Over 32,000 records have recently been added to our Northumberland and Durham baptism collection, bringing the total up to 888,270.

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The records will reveal not just your ancestor's name but also his/her parents' names. You will also discover their occupations and where they lived. The records include baptisms from Presbyterian, Independent, Wesleyan, Methodist and Anglican parishes.

These records include a transcript taken from the original baptism records. The records were created by the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society, formed in 1975. The details in each record can vary, but most will include:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Baptismal date
  • Mother's name
  • Mother other
  • Father's name
  • Father other
  • Occupation*
  • Place
  • County
  • Country
  • Residence
  • Description
  • Extended information
  • Notes
  • Record set

*The occupation of the parent is either listed in the 'Occupation' or 'Father/Mother other' field. Also, the 'Description' field usually includes the name of the Church in which the baptism took place and 'Place' refers to the village of the baptism.

The Local Government Act, 1972 reformed the local government on the county and district levels in England and Wales. All the changes were put into place by 1974. For this reason, the Northumberland and Durham records includes villages outside of their current boundaries; such as, Newcastle in County of Tyne and Wear or Romaldkirk of the County of Yorkshire. Additionally, the records include Cumberland, which is now part of Cumbria.

Over 350 parishes and villages are included in the record set.

Search over 888,000 Northumberland and Durham Baptisms