Findmypast's Irish Newspaper Collection continues to grow with the addition of over 500,000 new articles in the past month.

The latest updates include 4 new titles from around Ireland - Cork Advertising Gazette, Derry Journal, Dublin Correspondent and Saunder's News-Letter, a title which dates all the way back to 1773.

As well as that, a further 14 existing publications in the collection have had supplemental articles added including generous updates to Dublin Evening Post (65,152), Northern Whig (34,651) and Tipperary Vindicator (13,958).

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The entire archive now stands at over 7.7 million articles and contains national titles as well local and regional ones from every province and all the major cities in Ireland. It now covers over 175 years of Irish history (1748-1924).

Delve into the pages of Findmypast's Irish Newspaper Collection today, discover your ancestors, learn what life was like in your locality and see how the big new stories of the day were reported at the time.